Speaker: MSc. Alena Shlyaykher, Philipps-Universität Marburg.

Topic: About 200 years ago, ammonium cyanate, [NH4][OCN], was obtained by Liebig and Wöhler as a fluffy, white powder from the reaction of dry ammonia with cyanic acid. They also noticed its rearrangement at room temperature into urea, [NH2]2CO, a compound which has the same sum formula as ammonium cyanate.[1,2] From this the concept of isomerism was deduced and remains unchanged until today.[3] In contrast, the heavier homologue, ammonium thiocyanate, [NH4][SCN], showed higher thermal stability: it only isomerizes into thiourea, [NH2]2CS, when held at ~120 °C for some time.[4–6]Until now, the heavier congener of this series, ammonium selenocyanate, [NH4][SeCN], has scarcely been studied. The first crystallographic data were reported 1913, however, experimental procedures were omitted. In 1982, a detailed synthetical procedure was published, albeit without meaningful further analysis.[7,8] Due to its highly sensitive nature, detailed crystallographic studies and isomerization behavior are a striking gap in this field.We revisit studies of the thermal behavior of [NH4][OCN] and [NH4][SeCN], and report on the hitherto unknown crystal structure of [NH4][SeCN], its behavior towards thermal stress, and reactivity toward Ag[SeCN].[9]

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Series: STOE User Talks 2023

Time: 26 min.

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