Welcome to the BCA and BACG Joint Online Meeting 2021
Monday 29 March – Thursday 1 April 2021


The Organising Committee are delighted to keep much of the programme for delivery in 2021. With the exciting news that the Spring Meeting will be held as a joint event with the British Association for Crystal Growth (BACG), there will be a series of joint sessions on themes of interest to both BCA and BACG members to reflect the interests of both organisations.

We are delighted to announce that the spring meeting will be held online. The committees of both BCA and BACG decided that the 2021 Spring Meeting should be held as a virtual online conference, using an online conference platform where all the sessions will be available to view. Details of the sessions will be made available to all those who register to ‘attend’ the conference. Planning is well under way to provide an exciting scientific programme that should provide excellent synergy between the BCA and BACG as well as Association-specific elements. Brief descriptions of sessions can be found here.

The joint Programme Team have developed a series of joint sessions on themes of common interest to BCA and BACG members focused on the areas of crystal engineering, crystal structure prediction and bio-mineralisation. The BACG organisation team have developed sessions on topics unique to the crystallisation community around the themes of nucleation, growth and industrial crystallisation. The BCA team have offered sessions themed around the sub-groups as usual.

We look forward to welcoming everyone to the online meeting. A vibrant and dynamic programme has been pulled together which also includes opportunities for lively poster sessions, sponsor and exhibitor events, and sessions to allow for active networking and discussion. The programme reflects common interests, passion, enthusiasm for crystals, and crystallography within both organisations and the meeting will provide an opportunity to rekindle and reflect on the historical overlap between crystallisation and crystallography.

The BACG Organising Committee for 2021 is Dr Linda Seton, Dr Grahame Woollam and Prof Nick Blagden, and the BCA Programme Chair is Dr Tom Edwards.

Tom Edwards
(University of Leeds)

Nick Blagden
(University of Lincoln)

Programme Committee Chairs