Given all the exciting features and new possibilities in our STOE X-AREA software, we invite you to join our live MEET STOE – THE SINGLE CRYSTAL FORUM. It will be held in the interactive platform and be focused on hands-on demonstrations of new features already implemented and receiving your feedback on the software. Don’t miss this hands-on opportunity!

Some of the new features that will be presented in the workshop are:
• The new STOE SPHERES option: The ultimate way to analyze your scaling results. Find out what Dr. Friedemann Hahn has to say about this new graphical tool
• Improvements of the Run Optimizer
• The new update policy of STOE’s X-Area Software – make sure to get on track for your lifelong free updates

Meet the STOE single crystal team online to get all of your questions answered.

Please register on this site, we will then provide you with detailed instructions how to join the platform.

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