This year, we will offer two different formats: A dedicated ONLINE and a dedicated IN-PERSON STOE USER MEETING experience. The past years have taught us the importance of both formats: ONLINE offers all of you to participate, wherever you are based while IN-PERSON allows you to have valuable hands-on experiences and face to face conversations.

Both formats will overlap for the core of the STOE USER MEETING, the STOE User Talks s by experiences STOE users who share their latest insights. The STOE ONLINE USER MEETING 2022 will take place as follows:

– On Wednesday, September 7th, we kick-off with STOE talks giving an overview on our new developments, for Powder and Single Crystal XRD. This will be followed by our Discover STOE session, which will take place on the interactive platform, allowing you to see and chat with the STOE team, and among yourselves, depending on your interests. Multiple break out rooms will be offered, with talks and the opportunity to Q&A. You can easily walk in and out to any of them. The Online User Meeting will start at 14:00 CEST and close at 17:00 CEST.

– On Thursday, September 8th, we will feature talks by STOE users sharing their first-hand experiences with you. Speakers and participants may be present at STOE for the in-person meeting or join virtually. We will start on 14:00 CEST and finish by 17:00 CEST.

The STOE ONLINE USER MEETING 2022 is free of charge.

Please register here for the STOE ONLINE USER MEETING 2022.

If you prefer to meet us in-person, please click here.

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