To keep up with the increasing requests for brighter X-ray sources, the MetalJet has been developed by Excillum. In traditional X-ray sources (sealed tubes, microfocus or rotating anode) the target hit by the electron beam is solid. Solid targets pose the problem that they overheat and thus start to melt quickly. Since most of the energy produced by the electron beam is converted into heat on the target, traditional sources can only be operated at low power. In the MetalJet the solid target has been replaced by a laminar flow of a liquid metal alloy, allowing the use of a much higher power and constantly regenerating the target at the electron beam impact position. This results in a much higher brightness of the source, making smaller crystals, lower intensity reflections, quicker measurements, etc. available for a home source.

MetalJet targets are available as Ga rich-alloy (λ = 1.3 Å, 9.2 keV) or In rich-alloy (λ = 0.51 Å, 24 keV) and are usually set up on a STADIVARI. It is also possible to use a MetalJet with two outlet windows, such that one source can deliver photons to two goniometers.

Spectra of MetalJet alloys by Excillum

Overview of the D2+ MetalJet X-ray head illustrating the emitted X-rays from the electron-beam / MetalJet interaction point.
Graphics by Excillum.

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