The modular concept of our powder diffraction instruments

All STOE powder instruments are based on the STADI P goniometer, so that cabinet sizes will not change depending on choice of diffractometer. A single STADI P can later on be expanded by a second goniometer on the same source or with a separate source. With the X-ray tube on top, the STADI P COMBI goniometer builds a platform for combinatorial analysis in transmission mode.
Placing the X-ray tube housing on rails, so it can be slid to three distances from the sample position and thus changing between convergent and divergent X-ray beams, the STADI MP offers transmission and reflection geometry.
Accessories like sample stages can simply be exchanged between different goniometers due to our plug and play approach.
Adding air scattering shields on a MYTHEN 4K detector and Ag radiation to a STADI P results in a high-quality in-house PDF machine.

Advantages of Transmission / Debye – Scherrer Geometry

Combining the concepts of Debye-Scherrer (1915) & Gunier (1936), the STOE Transmission Geometry overcomes many disadvantages of the common Bragg-Brentano setup.

Most importantly, transmission experiments ensure to always have a constant sample volume in the X-ray beam, avoiding any subsequent data correction, e.g., making the use of computer controlled optics redundant.

Utilizing a focused beam of pure Kα1-radiation, it gives highest position accuracy and high-resolution reflections (FWHM < 0.03 for Si 111) over the whole 2θ-range (accessible on both sides).

Very low amounts of sample (mm3 range) can be measured even if air-sensitive or toxic in a sealed capillary, without any height errors (no 2θ shift), no introduced texture effects (due to preparation) and no line broadening effects (weak absorbers).

Thus, transmission experiments are an excellent way to obtain highest quality Rietveld data.

The instruments

The STADI P is the cornerstone of all of STOE’s powder diffraction instruments, allowing for high precision measurements with pure Kα1 radiation.

If you require high precision combined with the versatility of easy switching between geometries, the STADI MP should be your instrument of choice.

Specially designed for high throughput combinatorial analysis, the STADI P COMBI can fit up to 96 samples in its well plate, whose composition can be conveniently compared in WinXPOW.

We provide an extensive selection of accessories including high and low temperature devices, battery holders, and much more, enhancing the versatility and capabilities of our machines.

With our user friendly powder software, you can control your machine, evaluate data and much more.

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