The Single crystal diffractometer concept

The STOE STADIVARI is our modern four circle single crystal diffractometer, manufactured with highest precision (sphere of confusion radius < 5 µm). Its foundation lies on the base plate and electronics housing, 2θ-, ω- and φ-circle. With the eulerian cradle (χ-circle) begins the modularity of the STADIVARI where you have the choice between a fixed χ setup or a χ range up to 90° in our standard program. For specialized requests we have built STADIVARIs with an inverted φ geometry or with a vertically aligned eulerian cradle. As detectors we recommend the high-quality hybrid pixel detectors from DECTRIS, where options include silicon or CdTe sensors and various sizes of active area. However, with the X-Area software, integration of a different detector brand (e.g. RebirX, etc.) is no problem at all.
The STADIVARI can be combined with sealed tubes, microfocus sources or a MetalJet and can be easily operated as a dual beam setup, offering fast and easy switching between two wavelengths.
Additionally, we offer various accessories for non-ambient experiments, starting at high- and low-temperature attachments over specialized goniometer heads up to sample stages for high pressure cells and more.
If this modularity is still not quite enough for you, our application scientists are more than happy to design a special solution together with you.

Our IPDS II / 2T instruments can be seamlessly integrated with one or two sealed tubes or microfocus sources, along with a range of accessories. Those instruments which have already been running long term, can be easily upgraded for enhanced performance.


STADIVARI is THE high precision four circle diffractometer which brings you exceptional data quality and an abundance of experimental possibilities.

The IPDS II / 2T systems are our well established two circle diffractometers with unsurpassed longevity and an excellent track record.


Our single crystal diffractometers can support a wide variety of accessories to let you precisely design your measurement.


X-AREA is our user friendly diffractometer control and data evaluation software.