STOE introduces new Guarantees

STOE is known for its customer friendly service orientation. Service is neither an independent organization nor a profit center at STOE. It is performed by the same scientists and technicians that have developed and build your systems. Thereby STOE receives direct feedback on user experiences. We keep nearly all production in house and are convinced that our products are of highest quality and precision. Furthermore, we can solve nearly all service cases that might emerge by phone & email.

We believe that lifetime costs for STOE systems are minimal, due to superior product quality and our service concept. In order to stand behind this claim, STOE now grants the Extended STOE Parts & Labor Guarantee. During the specified time, customers will receive all STOE parts that are part of our systems and all STOE labor time without charge. Solely the travel costs will have to be reimbursed, which is a rule that we keep to avoid abuse.

For detailed terms and conditions, please send an email to

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