While a lot of crystallographic research can nowadays be conducted on home sources, synchrotrons offer next to their exceptional brilliance also access to more specialized equipment than what is usually available in a laboratory. Examples of such specialized equipment are larger detectors, heavy diamond anvil cells, special heating or cooling setups, sample changers, etc. Moreover, synchrotron sources can access special wavelengths that cannot be accessed through any target available for in house operation.

Placements at a beamline pose intense requirements on the goniometers themselves. To support the heavy accessories without losing positional precision, the goniometer must be designed to distribute the weight well over the whole setup. Furthermore, the connected software must facilitate the inclusion of special scripts and commands, which are not common for in-house equipment and must be user friendly to allow a big group of users to work with it.

STOE’s Eulerian cradle setup has the advantage of being able to carry higher loads without running out of its sphere of confusion of 5 µm (radius). Additionally, the product line features a heavy-duty version, accomodating heavy detectors like the Eiger 4M and STOE’s software X-AREA seamlessly integrates a plethora of accessories and offers a user-friendly strategy editor. Thus, the STADIVARI, X-AREA and a synchrotron beam empowers you with the freedom of designing a measurement strategy bringing you uncomparably exciting diffraction data!

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