1. Organizer
Organizer of the competition is:
STOE & Cie GmbH
Hilpertstrasse 10
64295 Darmstadt

In the following called “STOE” as the operator behind the STOE newsletter, the STOE Instagram, Twitter / X, LinkedIn, Mastodon and Facebook accounts.

Represented by:
Mr. Martin Fark (Co-CEO)
Mr. Jens Richter (Co-CEO)

2. Definitions

  • STOE – The organizer in the following called “STOE” as the operator behind the STOE newsletter, the STOE Instagram, Twitter / X, LinkedIn, Mastodon and Facebook accounts.
  • Correct answers – The competition was devised and designed by employees of STOE. While specialists in this topic, they are not infallible. Should it, after the announcement of the winners and correct answers, turn out that a different set of solutions than the ones chosen as the correct ones by the STOE employees, is indeed correct, this will not lead to a do-over of the winner selection. I.e., the person who finds a potentially better solution is not entitled to a prize. The correct answers are the set of answers determined by the STOE employees according to their best knowledge and are final and binding.
  • Participant – eligible person entering the competition (“you”).

3. Competition

STOE is conducting a competition offering material prizes, which will be offered to the winners under the conditions detailed below.
Participating in the competition is only possible under the conditions below.
To participate in the competition the participants have to fulfill the described conditions during the whole period of the competition.
Participation in the competition is free and it is not required to purchase goods or services to enter the competition. No chargeable services have to be used to participate in the competition.

4. Eligibility

Eligible is every natural person over the age of 18 years.
Employees of STOE as well as their relatives are excluded from the participation.
People giving false personal details, using unfair tools or gain advantages through other manipulation are also excluded from the participation and subsequent distribution of profit.
Exclusion also occurs in particular in the case of pornographic and/or violence-depicting or glorifying contributions or other contributions that violate the law.

5. Entry period and prizes

The competition begins on December 11th, 2023, and finishes on January 8th, 2024, 23:59 (CET). Winners are selected randomly from all correct answers on January 12th, 2024.
After the end of the competition the winners are contacted via email.


  • 1 STOE sweater “wave”
  • 1 STOE sweater “reindeer”
  • 1 STOE sweater “classic”
  • 1 STOE sweater “snowflakes”  

The winners will receive their prize by mail, which requires them to share their address with STOE after being notified of their win.
If the winner does not react to the notification within 14 days or if the notification of winning is undeliverable their claim of the prize will expire. In this case, STOE will randomly choose a new winner from the correct answers left in the pool.
Prizes cannot be paid out in cash and are non-transferable. A change or exchange of the prize is not possible. The winner is responsible for any importation fees or taxation of the prizes.

6. Rules of the competition

To participate, take a close look at the patterns on the body of the sweaters and try to find all the symmetry elements and the smallest possible unit cell. Choose the matching plane group and note its name with the notation according to the “International Tables for Crystallography Volume A: Space-group symmetry”, Second online edition (2016), ISBN: 978-0-470-97423-0, doi: 10.1107/97809553602060000114, chapter 2.2. The 17 plane groups (two-dimensional space groups)  (pp. 175-192).
Send your four answers to newsletter@stoe.com before January 8th, 2024, 23:59 (CET). Only participants who have sent in four answers and where each of the four answers is correct will enter the lucky drawing for the winner. Only answers sent by email to newsletter@stoe.com are eligible to participate, answers under social media posts will not be considered.
The four winners are selected by random drawing from the pool of correct answers on January 12th, 2024 and contacted afterwards by email.
Per participant only one sent in email with correct responses enters the pot of potential winners. Multiple entries for example by pseudonym or from a different email account belonging to a person who already participated in the contest is forbidden and leads to exclusion of the respective person.

7. Rights

By adhering to the process described under section 6, the participant expressly accepts these conditions of participation.
For all comments under the social media post posted by STOE, the respective commenting participant is responsible for the content and links to other people.
A participant is responsible for any further distribution of the contribution provided by the organizer; The same applies in the event of any content or superficial changes to the organizer’s original contribution.

8. Limitation of Liability

STOE is not liable for material or legal defects in the prize items or prize services. Furthermore, it is not liable for damages caused by errors, delays or interruptions in transmission, disruptions to the technical systems or the service, incorrect content, loss or deletion of data, viruses, damaged films that are attributable to software problems or in any other way in any way when participating in the competition, unless such damage is caused by the organizer (its bodies, employees or vicarious agents) intentionally or through gross negligence or through a breach of cardinal obligations. Cardinal obligations are those obligations whose fulfillment enables the competition to be carried out properly and on whose compliance the participant regularly trusts and can rely. In these cases, liability is limited to contractual and foreseeable damage. Liability for damage caused by injury to life, body and health remains unaffected.

9. Early end of the contest

STOE reserves the right to cancel or end the competition at any time without prior notice and without giving reasons. The organizer makes use of this option in particular if proper implementation of the competition cannot be guaranteed for technical reasons (e.g. viruses in the computer system, manipulation or errors in the hardware and/or software) or for legal reasons. If such a termination is caused by the behavior of a participant, the organizer can demand reimbursement of the damage incurred from this person.

10. Data protection

The data and information submitted by participants to STOE will be used solely for the purpose of conducting this competition.
The participant agrees that if they win, they may be contacted by the organizer via email. By participating, the participant also agrees that the address they provide to the organizer in the event of a win may be collected and processed by the organizer for the implementation and processing of the competition and transmitted to third parties (e.g. shipping service providers). The data provided will only be further transmitted to third parties if this is necessary for the provision, processing and implementation of the prize.
The participant can revoke his consent to the use of his personal data at any time with future effect. Uses made before revocation remain legal. A corresponding revocation can be sent by email to info@stoe.com.

11. Social media platform rules

The competition is not in any way affiliated with Meta Platforms Inc., X (formerly twitter), Mastodon or LinkedIn and is in no way sponsored, endorsed or organized by them. Meta Platforms, Inc., X (formerly twitter), Mastodon and LinkedIn are therefore exempt from any liability. STOE alone is the contact person and responsible person.

12. Applicable law

The organizer’s competition is subject exclusively to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Legal recourse is excluded.

13. Affirmation of Acceptance of and Agreement to All of the Official Rules

By entering the competition, the participant has affirmatively reviewed, accepted and agreed to all of the rules under section 6.