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STOE, originally founded in 1887, to manufacture equipment for the optical analysis of crystals, has been a pioneer in powder and single crystal X-ray diffraction since the 1960’s, e.g. STOE invented and patented the transmission geometry technique for Powder XRD as well as, for single crystals, produced the first pixel detector XRD system with an open Eulerian cradle.
STOE is based in Darmstadt, Germany, and keeps the R&D, software programming, electrical and mechanical engineering and production all in house, allowing STOE to provide customers with standard as well as individual solutions. Whenever it comes to quality, STOE accepts no compromises. This high-level of detail is what sets STOE apart.
Watch this video to meet the team, the company and some of our customers and what they have to say about STOE.

Ensuring service quality throughout the world – Graduation of STOE Certified Service Engineers

Nearly all of our service cases can be handled by phone, email and –if needed- courier. For the rare cases that require the presence of a service engineer, or maintenance tasks (if requested by the customer), STOE trains technicians to ensure the excellent service level that our customers expect and deserve.
The class of 2013 consisted of our sales partners’ technicians and customers’ technicians.
If you are interested to participate in, or to send your in-house technician for service training, please let us know.

The fascinating world of crystallography

Watch this video produced by the International Union of Crystallography: Johanna reflects on the structure of a snowflake. She learns of Johannes Kepler’s awareness of its regular symmetry 400 years ago. Just 100 years ago, it was discovered that X-ray diffraction could show the atomic structure of crystalline materials. Johanna learns how these discoveries led to enormous advances in physics, chemistry, biology and medicine, many of which were rewarded by Nobel Prizes. The celebration of these advances in this International Year of Crystallography 2014 inspire her to imagine what might yet be discovered … and how she could be part of that great adventure.