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The DECTRIS MYTHEN 1K detector has been implemented on STOE’s STADI P and MP diffractometer and used as the ultimate PSD for fast measurements with ultra high resolution.

With a NIST SRM660a LaB6 standard powder sample, an angular resolution below 0.03° 2q FWHM can be achieved.

In the optimized setup, the detector simultaneously collects an angular range of 12.5° 2q with native data point intervals of 0.01° 2q. In the expert mode, patterns with data point intervals up to 0.005° 2q can be measured.

Due to its wide detector window, the MYTHEN 1K detector collects very fast, additionally keeping the outstanding angular resolution constant over the complete opening.

Mythen Pic1
Mythen Pic2

The MYTHEN 1K detects the X-rays just-in-time via a one-dimensional reverse-biased silicon strip array operating in single-photon counting mode. The new strip technology entails an exceedingly low background without dark current or readout noise, thus leading to an excellent signal to background ratio. Additionally, the adjustable threshold allows an effective suppression of fluorescence radiation.

As a result of its small dimensions, the MYTHEN 1K detector system is easy to handle. Moreover, it is completely free of maintenance, no cooling is needed.

Based on the full integration of the MYTHEN 1K detector in the STOE WinXPOW software, powder diagrams are collected either stationary or in configurable step widths as usual, the single range steps being automatically combined by the data collection program.

Working with all common wavelengths, the MYTHEN 1K can be installed on all currently available powder diffractometers from STOE, thus showing its versatile applicability.

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