introduction of microfocus sources product line: axo primux 50 cu, mo and ag systems

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astix focusing geometry

As you know, we continuously push for the best technology, to create the best setup for our customers’ needs.

Therefore, we are introducing the new AXO Primux 50 family of microfocus sources for the STOE STADIVARI.

It comes with its own water-cooling circuit. Contrary to air-cooled systems, heat dissemination in the sample environment can be fully avoided. The dedicated water-cooling unit is now fully integrated into the STOE STADIVARI cabinet, making it a secure and stable closed cycle solution.

Primux 50 is mounted in a compact housing and available with Cu, Mo, or Ag anodes. The same housing and controller can be used for all different anode types.

When it comes to replacement of tubes, the intelligent design of the Primux 50 sources makes it easy to exchange tubes. The new tube is already prealigned in its re-usable tube holder in which it is delivered, allowing the enduser to exchange the tube by himself. Only minor fine alignment is necessary after tube exchange.

The compact ASTIX X-ray optics take advantage of a side-by-side geometry to achieve a symmetric two-dimensionally focused beam. Two subsequent multilayer reflections select the desired photon energy, e.g. Kα or Kβ radiation and suppress other radiation.

STOE offers Primux 50 in two variants:

Primux 50 Conventional Microfocus Sources with ASTIX SCA optics, resulting in a beam performance sufficient for standard crystallographic applications.

Primux 50 High Performance Microfocus Sources use ASTIX++ HCA optics with extremely low slope errors that provide a beam performance suitable for sophisticated crystallography.

The combination of the STOE 4-circle goniometer’s superb precision and the outstanding performance of the DECTRIS HPC detectors, paired with the AXO high performance source-optics combination, leads to impressive results.

For instance, the new AXO Primux 50 microfocus source (Cu) with HCA High Performance optics is one of the brightest sources available in the market, showing a peak flux density of 5×1010 photons/s/mm².

The high performance AXO Mo and Ag microfocus sources systems also proved their performance progress with laboratory-confirmed double flux density compared to conventional microfocus sources.

While the Primux 50 conventional microfocus sources remain an excellent and economic choice for most measurements, the new Primux 50 High Performance microfocus sources are a great opportunity for many demanding applications.

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