TPT Capsule

The TPT capsule complements the traditional sandwich preparation. It can be used for dry or moist powders or pastes and is compatible with the STOE transmission sample holder inserts. This single-use capsule allows an easy storage of the measured sample for traceability or further analysis, e.g. in pharmaceutical research. It has been developed in cooperation with F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG by Gimelli Engineering AG and been used for many years.

We are now pleased to bring this development to you, and we included it into the STOE product range.


1. Preparation:

a) Place the socket (underside) on a set mandrel (support the foil)
b) Place sample with spatula in mask
c) Smooth out sample with stamp
d) Snap lid onto pan => TPT capsule is complete

2. Insert TPT capsule in the STOE sample holder insert (special screws for clamping mechanism)

3. Perform measurement.

4.Take the TPT capsule out of the sample holder (just push it out). Capsule can now be discarded according to the appropriate guidelines or retained for further analysis or backup.


The TPT capsule is available in several variants to suit your needs:

Cellulose Acetate Film:
For applications with samples up to class 3B, in which no solvent is present.

For applications with samples up to class 4, in which solvents may also be present. For class 4 specimens, the openings in the snappers must also be sealed by using e.g. nail polish.

Aperture Sizes:
Depending on the substance quantity / hazard class, the aperture can be selected with a diameter of 3 mm (sample quantity approx. 2.8 μl) or 8 mm (sample quantity approx. 20.1 μl).

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