When single crystals become smaller, the amount of air in the X-ray beam of a sealed tube becomes larger, leading to a higher back ground in the dataset. Especially for small specimens which may only produce weak reflections a small amount of background is crucial to obtain good data. Therefore we work with the AXO PRIMUX 50 micro focus sources.

Microfocus sources work similar to a sealed tube as the photon beam is created by electrons bombarding a solid metallic anode. Contrary to sealed tubes, the electron beam is focused by magnetic lenses to ensure a small focal point on the target, which ensures a sharper photon beam. With AXO’s ASTIX geometry of two orthogonal mirrors, the X-ray beam is further focussed before it enters the collimator. Thus they are able to not only ensure a smaller spot size, but also a higher photon flux at the sample position.

We offer two versions of the microfocus sources, the AXO PRIMUX 50 Standard and the AXO PRIMUX 50 high performance. The high performance sources come with ASTIX++ grade mirrors which have extremely low slope errors and are as such interesting for high-end applications.

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