03.04.23 | News

We are happy to welcome Dr. John Kollath to the STOE team! He conducted his master studies at RWTH Aachen and just graduated from there with a PhD in Chemistry. During his doctorate he focused on the interactions between supramolecular coordination oligomers and metal clusters. At STOE he will be using his chemistry and crystallography knowledge to help our customers find their perfect instrument.

To introduce John to you, we asked him a few questions about himself:

Which activities are you especially excited about in your new role at STOE?
I am particularly looking forward to getting to know all my colleagues at STOE and the contact with customers. After the years as a customer of STOE and the consistently positive impression, I am now looking forward to working as an employee of STOE. I am also excited to educate myself further in the field of marketing and to deepening my knowledge of crystallography.

What is your favorite diffraction technique and why?
My favorite diffraction technique is single crystal structural analysis. In the area of coordination compounds, I have come to appreciate single crystal structure analysis to determine the structure of my reaction products. Since the most common analytical methods have all failed in my study. This is how I have learned to appreciate my STOE diffractometer over the years.

Before working at STOE, what was the most unusual or interesting task you’ve ever had?
The most unusual task for me was the restructuring and digitization of the classes during the Corona pandemic. It was an opportunity to use video editing programs, for example, but I’m glad that interaction in presence is possible again.

What has been your favorite project in your academic career?
My favorite project was the interdisciplinary collaboration with other institutes to understand the reaction processes within my PhD. Especially in the joint meetings it offered the opportunity to learn about and work with many analytical methods and a wide variety of scientific employees. Particularly interesting were the different communication skills needed to be able to work together.

What is your favorite chemical substance?
Triaminoguanidinium, this building block for a variety of C3-symmetric ligands has accompanied me since my bachelor’s thesis throughout my studies up to my doctoral thesis.

If you’d have to recommend three books, which would they be?
Breaking News                                                  –           Frank Schätzing
Achtsam morden                                              –           Karsten Dusse
Lieblingsessen – Einfach und köstlich                 .           Björn Freitag, Thomas Mudersbach


02.04.23 | News

We are currently inviting applications for:



  • Programming of control- and evaluation software for powder and single crystal systems
  • Documentation
  • Software presentations
  • Teaching of users
  • Based in Darmstadt, Germany


  • Strong academic background
  • Basic XRD knowledge
  • Experience in programming (C++/C#)
  • Good communication skills

You fit to this role and are interested to join the STOE team? Please contact us for any questions that you may have and/or send your application, including motivation letter and CV to


12.12.22 | News

What is the scent or taste that comes to your mind first, when you think about Christmas? We asked our colleagues this question and most of them immediately said: cinnamon!

Cinnamon is made from the dried bark of Cinnamomum trees, native to Sri Lanka, the Malabar coast of India, and Myanmar. The first notes about it occur around 3000-2000 B.C. from Egypt, where it was brought by Arabian traders and used for embalming, preservation and incense or perfume [1, 2].  The Egyptians then traded it further to the Roman empire, where it was highly valued but still not used for cooking. Using cinnamon in cookery must have begun around the Middle Ages in Europe, leading first the Portuguese and then the Dutch to colonise Sri Lanka. Because it was so popular, it was at times more valuable than gold and became the most lucrative of the Dutch East India Company’s spice trades [3]. Later saplings of Cinnamomum trees were distributed so that nowadays it is cultivated also in New Guinea, islands in the Caribbean Sea, Mauritius, Reunion, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Egypt.

Recently, Kirchner et al. [4] published a discussion of the crystal structure of Cinnamaldehyde (C8H9O), which makes up about 80% of the essential oil contained in cinnamon bark [5]. Cinnamaldehyde crystallises in the P21/c space group with a melting point of 265.5 K. The molecules arrange in the a-c plane in a head to tail fashion enabled by the hydrogen bond between the carbonylic oxygen and a phenylic hydrogen. Cinnamaldehyde as a chemical is not only used as flavouring, but also possesses anti-microbial and fungicidal properties [6-8] and can even be used as corrosion protection for steel or other ferrous alloys [9-10].

But back to (Christmas) food: Nowadays you find cinnamon in almost every cuisine from South America to Asia, with many uses in savoury dishes. But in sweet dishes like cinnamon rolls or apple pies it really becomes the highlight. In Germany the best-known cinnamon flavoured Christmas cookies are Spekulatius, Lebkuchen, and Zimtsterne, and Hesse – the state where STOE HQ is located – has its own cinnamon rich speciality: Frankfurter Haddekuche!

So, what is your favourite Christmas sweet?

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Von -jha-, CC BY-SA 3.0, (licence haddekuche)

2nd Joint Meeting of the Young Crystallographers and Young Crystal Growers at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg

10.10.22 | News

Between the 3rd and the 5th of October, the young crystallographers and young crystal growers met at their second joint meeting at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg. On Monday the event began with a relaxed BBQ, followed by a day filled with academic and industry talks including well prepared lightning talks by the poster authors. The lively afternoon poster session was followed by two more talks and a tour of the newly built Center for Efficient High Temperature Processes and Materials Conversion (ZeHS).

We spent Tuesday evening first with a tour through the amazing Terra Mineralia museum and finished the day with a delicious dinner in one of the exhibition halls. Wednesday began with a second round of excellent lightning talks and poster session before transferring to the Freiberg Compound Materials (FCM) campus. People from FCM offered an exciting tour through their manufacturing halls which was already followed by the closing of the meeting.

During the closing we had the pleasure of handing out three STOE poster prizes to Florian Meurer, Maik Förste and Max Stöber. Their posters had the following titles:

  • Florian Meurer: “The refinement of anomalous dispersion parameters in small molecule single-crystal X-ray diffraction Experiments.”
  • Maik Förste: “Lattice plane buckling as a relaxation mechanism during HTVPE GaN growth.”
  • Max Stöber: “Crystallization of Thin Film Layers via Flash Lamp Annealing.”

We congratulate the prize winners and look forward to the next meeting of the young crystallographers and young crystal growers.

You can find both associations online:
AK Junge Kristallographen / Young Crystallographers: WebsiteTwitter / FacebookLinkedIn
Junge Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kristallwachstum und Kristallzüchtung: WebsiteTwitter


15.09.22 | News

It was a great honor to welcome the participants of our STOE USER MEETING 2022. We really enjoyed spending time with the online participants and were excited about meeting so many of you in person again. A particular highlight were the STOE USER TALKS taking place on Thusday! You can now find these talks on in our WEBINAR section as on-demand webinars. Enjoy and please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions.


18.08.22 | News

Soon we will be hosting our STOE USER MEETING 2022. This year, we are excited to offer two different, but overlapping, STOE USER MEETING experiences!

You enjoy travelling again? We look forward to welcoming you in-person at STOE in Darmstadt, Germany: You will have the opportunity to meet the STOE team, the speakers and to get hands-on experiences with the STOE instruments. During the STOE User Talks, on Thursday, September 8, we look forward to hear about experiences from STOE users including Frank Tambornino, Philipps-Universität Marburg; Simon Steinberg, RWTH Aachen; Michael Knapp, KIT and Maria Annette Herz, TU Dresden. This day will conclude with our traditional BBQ on Thursday evening – allowing for plenty of interaction among all participants! On Friday, we will update you on the news regarding our hard- and software, especially on the new STOE SPHERES function in our X-AREA software and the improvements to our reflection integration. This will be complemented with speeches by Dectris and Excillum, describing their innovations firsthand. Next, you will have the opportunity to participate in the Discover STOE Session – with parallel workshops and hands-on experiences in the labs hosted by our STOE scientists. The in-person user meeting will close on Friday at 1 pm.

That’s too far? No worries, please join us for the STOE online USER MEETING! The online meeting will start one day earlier, Wednesday, September 7, and will extend over two days for three hours per day: on Wednesday, September 7, you will be hearing about the new STOE developments and than enter an online Discover STOE Session in the interactive plattform. On Thursday, you will participate live in the above described STOE User Talks session!

Spaces are filling up, so if you haven’t done so already, please register now for the in-person or online STOE User Meeting!

We hope to see you soon!

Regards & stay safe


03.05.22 | News

Running a service crystallography lab often requires meeting two contradictory conditions: ensuring reliable, high-throughput measurements and being open to innovations. At the University of Basel, Dr. Alessandro Prescimone balances these two conditions with three diffractometers, each dedicated to a different scope: high-throughput samples, difficult structures, or teaching. With these, Alessandro optimizes time and experimental conditions for each user group: internal departments, industry users, and students who are involved in crystallography courses.
Click here to read the full interview conducted by DECTRIS


22.03.22 | News

We are pleased to welcome Laura Christina Folkers in the STOE Team. She joins us from the University of Dresden, Germany, where she performed research on new topological isolators. Before that, she received her PhD from Lund University, Sweden, and her master’s degree at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Laura is responsible for Customer Relations – Science and Technology and will in such role be present at many conferences to meet you in person. Today, we have taken the opportunity to ask Laura a few questions already:

Which activities are you especially excited about in your new role at STOE?
I think I am most excited about travelling to conferences where I can meet our users in person. Moreover, I am thrilled to learn about the plethora of research questions our users have and get to know many more fields of research.

Before working at STOE, what was the most unusual or interesting task you’ve ever had?
I appeared in the Swedish TV show “Fråga Lund”. In this show we conducted a small “experiment” which allowed you to hold a flame in the palm of your hand. This resulted in my colleagues claiming that I set one of Sweden’s most famous TV hosts on fire.

What has been your favorite project in your academic career?
Actually, I had two projects that I referred to as “my baby”. Since I can’t pick my favourite child, I’ll tell you about both. The first one was my bachelor thesis project where I tried to crystallise various hydrides of silver halides. This was the project during which I learned all my basics in crystallography and conducted my first X-ray measurements. Additionally, I had the chance to try whatever I saw fit to synthesize the crystals, had an excellent library at hand and some additional nice equipment like a special dewar to pick crystals in a cold nitrogen flow.
The second project was one of my PhD projects. In this project I was working on the synthesis and structure elucidation of AuIn. I learned a completely new synthesis technique, solid state syntheses, wrote my first beam time application and my first scientific publication and learned to service our X-ray machines. I was also the leader and driving force behind a project, which allowed me to develop a lot as a scientist and a person.

What is your favorite chemical substance?
Although being an inorganic chemist, my favorite substance is diethyl ether, because it looks like a little bat.

If you’d have to recommend three books, which would they be?
Paula – Isabel Allende
The Crow Girl – Erik Axl Sund
The Illustrated Man – Ray Bradbury


03.09.21 | News

This year’s STOE HYBRID USER MEETING 2021 was a great success, it felt great to have you in person with us or to see you in the gather plattform online! The talks can now be found in our WEBINAR section as on-demand webinars. Enjoy and don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions.

STOE USER MEETING 2021 Going Hybrid!

28.07.21 | News

The STOE User Meeting 2021 will go hybrid this year! This will allow you to participate online or join in person, at STOE in Darmstadt, as regulations permit.

The STOE User Meeting 2021 will take place on two days:

– On Wednesday, September 1st, we will feature talks by STOE users sharing their first-hand experiences with you, accompanied with STOE talks. We will start on 14:00 CEST and finish by 17:00 CEST. Speakers and participants may be present at STOE or join virtually. So both experiences -live or virtual- will be highly engaging. If circumstances permit, all being present at STOE will be invited to beer & BBQ following the talks – like in good old times.

– On Thursday, September 2nd, we continue with STOE talks followed by our Discover STOE session. For all of you being present in Darmstadt, this will take place in the morning. You will have the opportunity for discussions and hands-on experiences in the STOE Powder and Single Crystal Labs, as well as for software workshops. The physical meeting will then close at lunchtime. For all online participants, a similar experience will be provided from 14:00 to 17:00 CEST – in multiple break-out rooms, you will listen to live STOE talks and have the opportunity to interact and discuss with STOE scientists and fellow STOE users in smaller groups, depending on the topic of your preference.

Given the special circumstances of this year, there will be no participation charge. Whether you are joining online or visit us in Darmstadt – you are our guest!

Please register and you will be informed about the agenda, the online platforms used, as well as hotel recommendations. Due to the pandemic, the physical presence may be limited by legal restriction at short notice. Participants will in such case be allowed for “real-life” participation based on the order of their registration.


09.11.20 | News

With this newsletter, we are proud to launch innovations for STOE powder and single crystal XRDs:

NEW STOE SEARCH/MATCH 2 – the fully new developed WINXPOW application working with ICCD PDF2/PDF4 and COD
NEW EIGER2 CdTe for STOE STADIVARI – watch the DECTRIS product launch with first-hand experiences made by STOE as an on-demand webinar.

At the same time, we are expanding our digital offers to stay in touch with you:

UPCOMING WEBINARS – we are excited to continue our STOE Talks on December 3rd, featuring Mauro Gemmi, IIT Pisa / Italy, presenting the topic of combining P-XRD and 3D-ED techniques.
APPLICATION REPORTS – a new website section describing advances made and experiences gained with STOE XRDs. Guo Peng of DICP China has now contributed to this series with his STADI P experiences in unravelling Brønsted acid sites.
FIRST VIRTUAL STOE USER MEETING – we thank you for all the positive feedback received. The key talks are available now in our On-Demand Webinar section.
VIRTUAL PRODUCT DEMONSTRATIONS – none of us would have imagined what’s possible to do online in these days. We have even completed the first remote system installation and performed several upgrades. So if you are interested to learn more about STOE and our products – don’t hesitate to contact us for your online product demonstration!

So it has been a year of change – probably more than ever, as the current pandemic continues. We truly hope that you and your families continue to do well in the upcoming year-end period.

Regards & stay safe


08.09.20 | News

Thanks to all our users, the STOE Virtual User Meeing 2020 has been a great success. The key talks have now been uploaded to our WEBINAR section, just press on WEBINARS in the upper right corner of the banner above and watch the topics of your interest!


23.06.20 | News

We are pleased to announce the STOE Summer Talks, where we will launch a series of webinars – from helping to restart your XRDs to introducing our recent innovations. The STOE Summer Talks will then culminate in the first STOE User Meeting going virtual.

The STOE User Meeting will be aired over three consecutive days, from September 1st to 3rd, starting at 14:00 CEST for 2 to 3 hours each day. Thus allowing you to keep your regular obligations and still being able to participate and ask questions.

Please see the detailed list of upcoming webinars. They are free of any charge for you – all it takes is your registration!

Regards & stay safe


25.03.20 | News

First of all, we hope that you and your families are doing well in these challenging times. The safety and well-being of our team and our partners is the highest priority for us. At STOE we do follow all advice of the authorities to contribute to the virus spread delay.

Nevertheless, we continue to remain fully operational for you. We can support you in the operation of your STOE equipment by email, phone, remote access and -if needed- by sending out spare parts.

We experience that many of you are now working from home. You may find the time for those tasks, that you normally never find the time for: be it the comparison of measurement data to identify the best instrument for your needs or even finishing the application for your next instrument.

There is a multitude of ways to interact with your STOE team to solve your needs and push those topics forward:

  • Of course, don’t hesitate to contact us by email with any requests you may have, as the full STOE team is operational, just use
  • We are happy to discuss your ideas via phone or skype, this has proven to be very useful to find the optimum configuration for your needs.
  • In case you are interested to collect data on STOE state of the art XRDs, we are happy to receive your test samples, measure them and discuss the results with you.
  • Increasingly, we are performing full product presentations by skype – there are many things that can be clarified and demonstrated. Our experience with this is very positive.

So, please don’t hesitate to contact us – We are here for you!

Thank you for being our customer and for your continued trust – but most of all, stay safe and healthy.



30.10.19 | News

Save the date for the 2020 STOE USER MEETING 2020 taking place on September 3rd & 4th, 2020.

As in recent years, our User Meeting will be a platform for upcoming news and exchange of experiences among STOE users.

It will cover Powder- and Single-Crystal diffraction. In addition to STOE talks about the newest developments, we look forward to welcome guest speakers, which will share insights on their research with us.

The User Meeting will take place in our company in Darmstadt, Germany (close to Frankfurt Airport). We will start on Thursday, September 3rd, at 10:00 h and finish on Friday around 13:00 h.

Participation fee is just 50€, including food, drinks & the BBQ on Thursday.

Please pre-register at

Kind Regards

Your STOE Team


28.05.19 | News

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our STOE USER MEETING 2019 in Darmstadt, Germany. Following the success of last year’s STOE user meeting, we are pleased to invite you this year for September 5th and 6th. The meeting will focus on the exchange of ideas and presentation of recent developments for Single Crystal and Powder XRD.

Read this issue of the STOE News for more details.


2nd European Olex2 Meeting at STOE

15.01.19 | News

Please join us at the Olex2 2nd European Meeting on March 14 and 15 2019, taking place at STOE in Darmstadt, Germany.

The Olex2 Meeting is organised by OlexSys in co-operation with STOE. There are two workshops — one at a Beginner Level and the other at an Advanced Level. Both workshops will be conducted in English.

  • Olex2 for Beginners
  • Olex2 for Advanced Users

The workshops will take place on March 14 and 15 at STOE, Hilpertstraße 10, 64295 Darmstadt, Germany. The cost of attending either workshop is €120.

For more information, please contact OlexSys at

Please register using by following this link: 



03.12.18 | News

We are sending our Season’s Greetings together with exciting news on a new family of high-performance microfocus sources, which complement our existing range of microfocus sources. Further, we are very happy to share with you news on the recent installations. Please find the newest issue of the STOE News here.

Your STOE Team

13th National Conference on X-ray Diffraction and ICDD Workshop of Chinese Crystallographic Society

27.08.18 | News

13th National Conference on X-ray Diffraction and ICDD Workshop

13th National Conference on X-ray Diffraction and ICDD Workshop organized by XRD Committees of Chinese Physical Society, PXRD Committees of Chinese Crystallographic Society and ICDD and co-organized by Lanzhou University and Chinese Academy of Sciences, has been convened on July 28th to August 1st, 2018 in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province.

This conference offers a platform for more than 300 XRD global experts and scholars to exchange new ideas and cooperation, and summarize the development status of X-ray diffraction and other related disciplines, which drives the development of X-ray diffraction and other related disciplines.

STOE & Cie GmbH, with a history of more than 100 years, is specialized in the production of Crystal XRD. UNITE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, the sales office and after-sales service center of STOE in China, attended this conference and set up rolls about PXRD and SXRD, which became a spotlight and arouse extensive attention.



30.05.18 | News

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our STOE USER MEETING 2018 in Darmstadt, Germany. Following the success of last year’s STOE user meeting, we are pleased to invite you this year for September 6th and 7th. The meeting will focus on the exchange of ideas and presentation of recent developments for Single Crystal and Powder XRD.

Read this issue of the STOE News for more details and an exciting report on High resolution in situ PXRD studies with the new Dectris Multi-Mythen.





14.06.17 | News

Founded in 1887, we are celebrating our 130th anniversary this year at the STOE User Meeting on September 7th and 8th in Darmstadt, Germany. We will have a mix of single crystal and powder XRD related topics, with plenty of opportunities for you to clarify any questions you may have. It has also been a great occasion for those who are “not yet” STOE users, to get to know STOE and to receive first-hand user experiences. Please register now to secure your place, simply by replying to this email.

As a good start for the 130yrs celebrations, we are happy to introduce the 10 Year STOE Parts & Labor Guarantees for ALL new STOE XRD systems!

Furthermore, we are expanding our team and are recruiting a technically skilled powder application scientist – please see our detailed job description in the newsletter and feel free to forward it to someone you may have in mind.

We hope you enjoy this issue of the STOE News and hope to see you soon.



09.05.17 | News

Over the years, STOE has been committed to increasing its presence in leading US and Canadian research institutions. Now we are delighted to announce that we enrich our activities with the foundation of STOE Corporation in Chicago. This will allow us to be even closer to you and ease administrative processes in many instances:

STOE Corporation
525 West Monroe Street, Suite 2360
Chicago, Illinois 60661 | USA
Phone: +1 312 646 6053
Fax: +1 312 669 1169
Email: |



03.05.17 | News

STOE is known for its customer friendly service orientation. Service is neither an independent organization nor a profit center at STOE. It is performed by the same scientists and technicians that have developed and build your systems. Thereby STOE receives direct feedback on user experiences. We keep nearly all production in house and are convinced that our products are of highest quality and precision. Furthermore, we can solve nearly all service cases that might emerge by phone, remote login & email.

We believe that lifetime costs for STOE systems are minimal, due to superior product quality and our service concept. In order to stand behind this claim, STOE now grants the 10 Year Extended STOE Parts & Labor Guarantee for all its new XRD systems. During 10 years time, customers will receive all STOE parts that are part of our systems and all STOE labor time without charge. Solely the travel costs will have to be reimbursed, which is a rule that we keep to avoid abuse.

For detailed terms and conditions, please send an email to


14.11.16 | News

The summer has been a busy period, and we were pleased to have the opportunity to see many of you at conferences, like the ECM in Basel, and the STOE User Meeting. Please find some pictures and reports of these encounters in this issue of the STOE News.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our NEW STOE Multi-MYTHEN detector. Furthermore, we are pleased to report on the recent installation of a STOE STADI MP at Northwestern University in the US.

We hope you enjoy the STOE News November 2016 and wish you a very happy holiday season.




20.06.16 | News

This issue of the STOE News features two recent STADIVARI installations, both breaking into new grounds with the addition of the MetalJet and the conversion of the STADIVARI to a vertical setup for the ALS beamline.

The upcoming summer will be a busy period, with many conferences ahead. In September, we are looking forward to see you at the STOE User Meeting, which is now filling up quickly. So if you have not done so, please register now. See also the last page for a few more details.

We hope you enjoy the STOE News June 2016

Your STOE Team

Advanced Light Source selects STOE STADIVARI diffractometer – the most precise four circle XRD- for single crystal high pressure research.

13.04.16 | News

STOE and Mosaic Distribution (representing STOE in the US) are proud to announce the installation of the first STOE STADIVARI in vertical set-up on the High-Pressure Beamline 12.2.2 at the Advanced Light Source in Berkeley, California.

Beamline 12.2.2 at the Advanced Light Source is a Synchrotron-based Hard X-ray Diffraction beamline specifically aimed at samples under high pressure within diamond anvil cells. The beamline photon energy range is 6-35keV with an x-ray spot size down to 10 x 10 μm.  This research plays an important role in the fields of Earth sciences, materials science, construction materials, chemistry and energy and is funded by the DOE (Department of Energy) and COMPRES (the Consortium for Materials Properties Research in Earth Sciences).

The STOE STADIVARI was selected by Dr. Christine Beavers for 12.2.2 due to its ability to easily mount the heavy high pressure cells (up to 2 kg) and yet maintain its high precision and accuracy. The STOE STADIVARI four circle XRDs have a sphere of confusion of less than 10 µm in diameter / 5 µm in radius (the most precise instrument in the industry). In addition, STOE’s powerful user-friendly software makes high quality data acquisition and analysis remarkably fast.

Dr. Christine Beavers, COMPRES staff at the ALS commented, “We are very excited to be able to offer our users a premiere facility for single crystal high pressure diffraction. The STADIVARI will allow our users to collect many more of the accessible reflections, while maintaining small samples on the center of rotation. We are also very happy to have the Mosaic & STOE teams supporting us; at the ALS, we are very demanding in our pursuit of cutting edge instrumentation and  in this case our expectations have been exceeded.”

Jens Richter, Co-CEO & CTO of STOE commented: “We are happy to have installed the first STADIVARI system in vertical setup on a place like this, where cutting-edge science is done. We are expecting a lot of new ideas and demands, which will help us to improve our hard- and software. Being a focused company, which have all the R&D and production in house enables us to react quickly to user demands and keep us at top of the line with our devices. We are looking forward to a future cooperation with the people from 12.2.2, which will be beneficial for both the ALS and STOE. “

Liz Carter, President of Mosaic Distribution commented, “We are thrilled to have the STADIVARI installed on Christine’s beamline.  We couldn’t ask for a better ambassador and having the system installed in such a demanding and high-profile environment will be a good way to demonstrate the robustness and quality of the system and our ability to support it.”


01.03.16 | News

In the latest issue of our newsletter, you will find details on STOE INSITU HT2, our new heating and reaction chamber in transmission geometry, which allows you to also observe phase transitions as they occur.

And don’t miss this issue to learn more about our 2016 User Meeting and the latest addition to our team.

See our latest newsletter for details: STOENewsMarch2016


16.11.15 | News

Are you looking for a fully capable powder diffractometer for capillaries, but only have the budget for a benchtop instrument?

Then the new STADI P ESSENTIALS is the system for you.




10.11.15 | News

You will find details on STADI P ESSENTIALS, our newest and most affordable addition to the STADI P family, which is your entry to high-end PXRD for capillaries.
We are growing and looking to expand our powder team, please read our newsletter for the job description.
Last but not least, we have had a serious of very good meetings at STOE, which we are happy to report on.

See our latest newsletter for details: STOE News November 2015

DGK’s Young Crystallographers report on their recent LabMeeting @ STOE

27.10.15 | News

STOE has been a long-time supporter of the DGK’s Young Crystallographers. Consequently, we were privileged to welcome more than 20 young crystallographers from many different countries. The quality of the guest speaker talks was impressive. The series of lightning talks was a great start for the highly interactive poster session, which transformed half of STOE into a “conference” facility. We very much enjoyed the discussions, all the interactions and the joint barbecue dinner with all of you. STOE will continue to be a proud supporter of the Young Crystallographers. Please find the detailed report on:


07.07.15 | News

The 2015’s STOE User Meeting takes place from the 10th to the 11th of September in Darmstadt, Germany. In recent years, our User Meeting has been a welcoming platform for upcoming news and exchange of experiences among STOE users.

This year’s STOE User Meeting will cover Powder- and Single-Crystal diffraction. In addition to STOE talks about the newest developments, the following guest speakers have confirmed their contributions:
– Mr Prof. Thomas Doert, TU Dresden: „Structure determination of modulated compounds”
– Ms Dr. Nadine Schrodt, Universität Frankfurt: „High pressure pair distribution function measurements in diamond anvil cells using synchrotron and laboratory sources”
– Ms Dubravka Šišak Jung, Ph.D., Dectris: „Outreach of X-ray powder diffraction technique: how much can you ask of your data?”
– Ms Dr. Liana Vella-Zarb, University of Malta: „Does size really matter? Turning the heat on large molecule APIs”

As only a few places remain available, please register soon.

Kind Regards
Your STOE Team


12.03.15 | News

We are pleased to invite you to our annual STOE User Meeting which will take place from September 10th to September 11th, 2015 at STOE in Darmstadt, Germany.

It will be targeted towards our Powder- and Single-Crystal users and be a place for exchange of ideas between and among STOE users. In addition, we will present you the latest developments and provide opportunities for hands-on experiences. Last but not least, we are pleased to invite you to our famous STOE barbecue.

Please register at The participation fee continuous to be just € 50 and hotel rooms are reserved at affordable rates.

Your STOE Team


12.01.15 | News

Watch this video to meet the team, the company and some of our customers and what they have to say about STOE.

STOE Video

STOE Newsletter December 2014

17.12.14 | News

In this newsletter, you will find details on SYSTEVAL, our new module in WinXpow. Thomas Hartmann continues his series on PDF calculations and you will find the reference on two notable publications. Last but not least, we are pleased to report on the STOE DECTRIS XENOCS OpenFactory that has taken place as part of the IYCr 2014 activities.

See our latest newsletter for details: STOENewsDecember2014


24.09.14 | News

Twenty crystallographers, representing 15 nationalities, have attended the IUCr-UNESCO OpenFactory, which was sponsored and organized by STOE, DECTRIS and Xenocs, and took place as part of the International Year of Crystallography

The delegates received ten days of intensive training by STOE, DECTRIS and Xenocs staff and guest scientists in cooperation with the IUCr. The opening ceremony was held in Darmstadt on September 10th, where STOE offered a warm welcome to the participants. This was followed by a first lecture in which DECTRIS took the delegates to an exciting journey through the instrumentation for X-ray analysis. From laboratory to synchrotron sources, advances of modern instrumentation were presented on several examples of difficult structures, whose solution was possible only owing to the features of MYTHEN and PILATUS detectors.

In Grenoble, after a fascinating introduction on the history of crystallography and today’s challenges by Jean-Louis Hodeau, Directeur de Recherche at Institut Neel-CNRS, member of the IUCr Synchrotron commission, the delegates received theoretical & practical training on Small Angle X-ray Scattering. Four different workshops were organized at Xenocs Headquarters so that the participants could get in-depth knowledge on Xenocs sources & optics, Xenocs SAXS/WAXS systems and data treatment software, with experiments carried out on the Xeuss 2.0 SAXS/WAXS system.

The delegates also visited the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) and more specifically the ID02 SAXS beamline.  A sunny week-end spent discovering Grenoble old town and a breathtaking view of the Mont Blanc from the Bastille fortified site ended the first part of the OpenFactory very nicely.

In Darmstadt, the participants were trained in single crystal and powder XRD at STOE’s labs. The training involved one day of theoretical lectures, while two full days focused on hands-on workshops, from sample preparation to structure determination: for x-ray single crystal as well as x-ray powder diffraction. As part of this, the participants performed measurements on the STOE IPDS 2/2T and  STADIVARI Single Crystal Diffractometer, and STADI P and STADI MP Powder Diffractometer.

Thereafter, the participants joined STOE’s Single Crystal User Meeting, which included, among others, talks on Scaling, Indexing and Extreme Conditions Crystallography by STOE’s scientists. Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Dieter Fenske, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, gave an impressive talk on “Nanosized Transition Metal Clusters; Synthesis, Structures and Properties” followed by Prof. Dr. Harald Krautscheid, University of Leipzig, presenting his fascinating work on Metal-Organic Frameworks.

As a highlight, Prof. Dr. Gautam R. Desiraju, immediate past president of the IUCR, has held his premier speech on “100 years of Crystallography: Seen through 15 small molecule crystal structures” – in which he has illustrated some of the most fascinating developments over a timespan of a century.

The feedback of the participants was overwhelming. Next to all the knowledge being shared, it has been impressive how strong ties have been built among the participants – connecting young crystallographers from across the world in the spirit of IYCr 2014.

STOE Newsletter August 2014

18.08.14 | News

In this newsletter, we are proud to announce that Thomas Pippinger is now part of the STOE Team, he joined us from the group of Prof. Ronald Miletich-Pawliczek at the Institute for Mineralogy and Crystallography in Vienna.
Also, we are pleased to announce the selected participants from 19 nations for the OpenFactory event that we will be hosting in Darmstadt. As a highlight, Gautam Desiraju, President of the IUCr, has confirmed his talk at the OpenFactory and the STOE User Meeting.


  • IUCr Congress Montreal
  • STADIVARI High Pressure Experiments
  • STOE DECTRIS 3Xenocs OpenFactory
  • STOE Single Crystal User Meeting
  • Upcoming Events

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Nineteen Nations to Meet at IUCr UNESCO OpenFactory

26.06.14 | Press Release

The IUCr, together with STOE, DECTRIS and Xenocs have now announced the selected delegates for the IUCr-UNESCO OpenFactory in Darmstadt and Grenoble. Delegates are young scientists, from PhD students to Assistant Professors and represent nineteen different countries.

To see all delegates, press here: OpenFactory Participants Announcement

STOE Newsletter March 2014

16.03.14 | News


  • Extended STOE Parts & Labor Guarantee
  • Service at work
  • Extended Guarantee for DECTRIS Detectors
  • STOE Dectris Xenocs OpenFactory
  • STOE Certified Service Engineers
  • Upcoming Events

See our latest newsletter for details: STOENewsMarch14

STOE introduces new Guarantees

15.03.14 | News

STOE is known for its customer friendly service orientation. Service is neither an independent organization nor a profit center at STOE. It is performed by the same scientists and technicians that have developed and build your systems. Thereby STOE receives direct feedback on user experiences. We keep nearly all production in house and are convinced that our products are of highest quality and precision. Furthermore, we can solve nearly all service cases that might emerge by phone & email.

We believe that lifetime costs for STOE systems are minimal, due to superior product quality and our service concept. In order to stand behind this claim, STOE now grants the Extended STOE Parts & Labor Guarantee. During the specified time, customers will receive all STOE parts that are part of our systems and all STOE labor time without charge. Solely the travel costs will have to be reimbursed, which is a rule that we keep to avoid abuse.

For detailed terms and conditions, please send an email to

STOE is proud to sponsor the STOE-DECTRIS-Xenocs Open Factory

23.01.14 | Press Release

STOE is proud to sponsor the STOE-DECTRIS-Xenocs Open Factory in September 2014, inviting young scientist from across the world.

First STOE Newsletter released!

03.11.13 | News


  • STOE successfully completes shareholder and management succession
  • Stadi P Ag Kα1-data – a real alternative to expensive synchrotron PDF experiments
  • STOE Powder XRD Users Meeting 2013 – What a success!
  • Charlotte Jones receives STOE poster prize at ECM
  • STOE supports International Year of Crystallography

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Ownership succession secured – Martin Fark becomes shareholder and joins the management team

12.07.13 | News

Following the retirement of Ms. Bärbel Dollmann (former Managing Director) in 2012, the shareholders of STOE set out to find a suitable long-term successor. The main criteria were to find a solution that would secure the independence of STOE and insures that the management of STOE are „managing owners“, i.e. represented in the shareholder structure. 

Fulfilling these requirements, Martin Fark joined the leadership team in July 2013. He assumed the role as Co-CEO & CFO and became shareholder. Martin Fark has a degree in industrial electrical engineering as well as an MBA and is responsible for managing STOE’s Commercial Operations and Sales & Marketing. Jens Richter continues to head the scientific areas as Co-CEO & CTO. “This succession secures that STOE is led with a great sense of ownership that keeps it as customer oriented as you have experienced STOE so far” Jens Richter commented. When asked about his first impressions, Martin Fark added “I am impressed by the strong and loyal, customer base that STOE has build up over its long history. It’s our obligation to keep this spirit alive while at the same time set STOE up for future growth.”


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