The well-known, high-precision STOE STADI P two circle goniometer is the basis of STOE’s powder diffraction building block system (read more about it here). Vertically or horizontally mounted, the STADI P can be built in Transmission/Debye-Scherrer or Bragg-Brentano geometry. Moreover, two STADI P goniometers, either in the same or different configurations, can be mounted in the same cabinet resulting in two completely independent instruments. However, the two goniometers can also share one source.

  • Various single-photon-counting X-ray detectors
  • Pure Kα1 radiation using Co, Cu, Mo and Ag sources
  • The ultimate platform for laboratory PDF calculations using Ag Kα1 data
  • Transmission/Debye-Scherrer or Bragg-Brentano mode
  • Ideally suited for the analysis of air/moisture-sensitive and microsamples
  • A range of high- and low-temperature attachments available


  • Same sample volume in the beam over the full 2θ scale
  • Reliable intensities with no necessity for further mathematical corrections
  • No line broadening for weak absorbers
  • No height displacement
  • Real micro-sampling possible
  • Lesser effects of preferred orientation


2θ range0° up to 140° 2θ
Goniometer2 circles
Radius of measuring circle260 mm
Radius of focusing circle130 mm
X-ray sourcesSealed Tubes: Co, Cu, Mo, Ag
OpticsPrimary monochromator
SoftwareWinXpow package
Dimensions (Including system cabinet, max.)1800 x 880 x 2050 mm
Weight (complete system)780 – 940 kg
DetectorsSilicon strip detector MYTHEN2 R 1K/2K/3K/4K
Accessories• High- and low-temperature attachments for reflection and capillary samples
• Reaction chamber for reflection samples
• Various sample stages
• Various sample changers

STADi P for pdf data collection

As the demand for materials with lower degrees of order continues to rise, the significance of Pair Distribution Function (PDF) measurements is growing steadily. To measure best possible data for PDF interpretation, the STADI P can be installed with Ag Kα1 radiation and expanded with a PDF collimator, a MYTHEN2 4K detector and optionally air scattering shields, without any loss in diffraction data quality.

This direct comparison of PDF data measured on the ionic liquid hmimPF6 shows how excellent our instrument performs versus a synchrotron. Plot from: doi.org/10.1063/1.5093714

Software & Accessories

WinXPOW, is a uniquely designed powder diffraction software developed exclusively by our skilled team at STOE. It is meticulously crafted to perfectly work with our instruments, ensuring seamless compatibility and optimal performance. In addition to controlling the instruments, WinXPOW provides a comprehensive range of cutting-edge features. These include data reduction, profile fitting, pattern indexing, and spacegroup determination. Moreover, it boasts an array of powerful functionalities, such as advanced 2D and 3D graphics, among numerous other capabilities.

We provide a wide range of accessories to customize your sample environment according to your specific requirements. Our products encompass high temperature and reaction chambers, sample changers, dedicated battery cell holders, and various other accessories to enhance your experimentation capabilities.


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